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Top 10 - Best of all FSX Addons 2012


If you like Flight Simulator X you will like this site. Here you can find top 10 lists of FSX add-ons. There are many great addons that will make your flight simulator so much better. Get instant downloads and start flying right now. It is so easy to upgrade FSX and it will make it much more realistic and fun to play. On this page you have a "best of all" - top 10 list FSX addon downloads 2012.


1. Best FSX addons - Real Environment Xtreme™

REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0

 REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 (Download)



Announcing Real Environment Xtreme™! A first of its kind product... a complete photo-realistic, hi-definition professional graphics package for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series created entirely from state-of-the-art photography. INCLUDES our NEW built-in Weather Engine and Flight Planner! The texture sets within Real Environment Xtreme™ coupled with the powerful NEW Weather Engine and Flight Planner provides for an exhilarating and realistic experience. Real Environment Xtreme™, code named REX, has taken almost two years of research & development to reach the level of detail that exists today.

REX is a technologically & artistically advanced, hi-definition texture utility for the simulator pilot who requires a more advanced feature set. THE BULK OF THE CONTENT has been produced from extremely hi-resolution film photography, NOT digital, with the upmost artistic attention to detail. Source material was laser drum-scanned and the proprietary artwork and textures are maintained in hi-definition format to allow its amazing detail and clarity to become evident within the simulation environment.

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2. Best FSX addons - FsPassengersX

 SecondReality - FSPassengers X

 SecondReality - FSPassengers X (Download)

FsPassengersX is an add-on for Flight Simulator X that will completely revolutionize the way you fly in FsX.

Here are just some of the features of FsPassengersX:

  • Add passengers to your flights! Finally, you're not alone in the sky.
  • Passengers react to how you fly your plane. Hear them scream if you make drastic mistakes, and get their opinion of your flight in real time.
  • Provide in-flight passenger services such as movies, music, and drinks.
  • Make money for successful flights; be fined if you do something wrong.
  • Manage an airline (make money, manage aircraft fleets, etc).
  • Maintain your aircraft in good condition, otherwise you may experience unique and surprising failures.
  • Create and maintain pilot careers.
  • Keep detailed logs and statistics for every flight you make (great for virtual airlines).
  • Fly through dangerous parts of the world, and risk the safety of your plane, crew, or passengers! (Actual , 1944 or 1968 war situation)
  • Attendants, passengers, effect; listen to ATC chatter, music, GPWS, and more. This add-on includes more than 1200 in-flight sounds to immerse you in the ambiance of flight.
  • 7 new complete voice pack (one German , one in French)
  • Three flight mode: normal, aerobatic, flight tour
  • 40 unique failures with visual effect (smoke, fire) and sounds.
  •  Export your flight to your Virtual Airline.
  •  Doc and help in English, French, German
  •  All screens and reports work in full screen. No need to quit FSX.
  • NO impact on frame rate and still simple to use ! no complicated learning curve.
  • Flight database compatible with FsPassengers 2004, you can continue your career

An FsPassengers flight starts with the loading of your aircraft, which brings you to the first unique feature of FsP: the aircraft payload dialog. Now you can really load your aircraft--ANY aircraft you have--without needing to quit Flight Simulator!

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3. Best FSX addons - Orbx FSX Go Tweak & Launch

Orbx - FSX Go Tweak & Launch

 Orbx - FSX Go Tweak & Launch (Download)

Welcome to Tweaker's Heaven! The ULTIMATE FSX Launcher.

Orbx's FSX Go puts your favourite tweaks and saved flights together into a single profile. Setting your tweaks and launching FSX with your saved flight is now done in one simple action.

FSX Go has been designed with both casual and ardent tweakers in mind. The package comes with a lengthy list of the most popular tweaks for the FSX.cfg which should satisfy most tweaking needs. It also ships with a tweak editor, which allows you to add and edit your own tweaks to the Master Tweaks list. For those with some knowledge of batch file scripting you can point FSX Go at your own batch file to launch FSX giving you even greater flexibility.


  • The ultimate FSX launcher application
  • Add as many or few custom tweaks as you want
  • Create your own master list of tweaks
  • Launch your saved flights, plus apply tweaks on launch
  • Launch using your own custom batch files
  • Apply custom FSX splash screens
  • Many more features!


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4. Best FSX addons - Shockwave - 3D Lights Redux

Shockwave - 3D Lights Redux

 Shockwave - 3D Lights Redux (Download)

Turn ON the LIGHTS for Microsoft Flight Simulator X!

Shockwave 3D Lights™ REDUX cast realistic light out into 3D space, creating stunning visuals and a more immersive flying experience.


  • Over 40 new lighting effects including strobes, beacons, navigation, and runway lights
  • Fully-realized 3D landing lights actually cast light into space
  • Microsoft Acceleration Expansion pack supported
  • Vintage, halogen, and modern xenon lights included
  • Installs into all Twenty-four Microsoft FSX aircraft
  • Entire new effects suite results in stunningly realistic night time environment
Easy, low-risk installer backs up all files into a single, organized backup directory. Lights can be added to any 3rd party aircraft.


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5. Best FSX addons - DBS Studio WalkAndFollow FSX

DBS Studio - WalkAndFollow for FSX

 DBS Studio - WalkAndFollow for FSX (Download)

The DBS WalkAndFollow tool expands the Flight Simulator X camera mechanism and provides a unique opportunity to freely walk around (without any limitations).

DBS WalkAndFollow is intended for users who have an interest in the challenges of Flight Simulator X scenery and taking screenshots (with an opportunity of saving "Point of interest") and exchanging these with other users. Also DBS WalkAndFollow expands work with simulator cameras (in virtual cockpit or in aircraft view) without simulator limitations of distance or angles and allows you to write changes of view points into camera definitions.

DBS Walk And Follow FSX Features:

  • Follow Mode: In this mode camera can be attached to the user aircraft (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)
  • Walk Mode: Free camera movement mode without limits of distance or altitude
  • Variable camera movement speed (slow, normal and fast)
  • Unlimited amount of custom viewpoints (POI) for Walk mode, that can be stored to external file for exchange
  • Integrated simulator cameras from aircraft.cfg (virtual cockpit and aircraft external view)
  • Three dimensional camera movement (cursor key and mouse movement used)
  • Two modes of mouse movement (with Space key or with middle mouse button)
  • Zoom mode
  • Surface control mode (to prevent falling through ground surface)
  • Info String


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6. Best FSX addons - FSPS - FSX Booster

FSPS - FSX Booster

 FSPS - FSX Booster (Download)

FSX Booster Version 2.9

Now there is no reason to try to find FSX tweaks over the internet. Each person's computer is different, so what works for one person often won't work for you.

FSPS - FSX Booster has been designed keeping in mind the thousands of possible hardware configurations. The special software analyzes your computer hardware in depth (CPU, GPU, Memory, Hard Disc speed and etc.) and sets a number of documented and undocumented tweaks to the correct values that is optimal for your PC. You don't have to change any FSX setting sliders!

No technical knowledge is needed. Just execute FSPS - FSX Booster, then FSX and enjoy it with the maximum frames and smoothness you can get from your PC.

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7. Best FSX addons - Aerosoft MyTraffic 2010

Aerosoft - MyTraffic 2010 (Download)

 Aerosoft - MyTraffic 2010 (Download)

My Traffic 2010 is the latest version of the popular and longtime successful My Traffic series. Uncompromisingly optimized for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X this product provides realistic air traffic in the air and on the ground, which is controlled by artificial intelligence, for more than 8200 airports.

Worldwide dynamic and realistic AI-Traffic !

More than 140 aircraft models were newly designed for FSX with in a never before seen detail for AI-planes and a with a minimal impact on the PC resources. Nearly all current airliners, most commuter aircraft and civil freighters are included. There are additional versions of many aircraft types featuring different engines. 1600 aircraft liveries are included as well as more than 4000 different types and associated flight plans. My Traffic generates more than 800000 flight a day, worldwide.

This enormous number also counts on the fact that My Traffic 2010 is not "very active" in North America and Western Europe - You can also explore every part of the world and find airlines you`ve never heard of before.

My Traffic 2010 goes far beyond airline traffic. Charter carriers fly to touristic places, cargo airlines carry freight, military planes fly to and from military bases and general aviation airplanes make sure you do not feel alone on thousands of airports. In some typical regions you will find newly developed water planes bopping up and down on the waves.Over 2000 airports were transfigured to make more space for airplanes which are at home there. Even some important airports which were missing in FSX are now included, for example the big regional airports of Moscow.

With the attached My Traffic editor you can program flight plans to your liking.

The principle of My Traffic 2010 is the simplicity. After the installation the normal user can just go flying, nothing more - with the virtual world around him is becoming more real than ever before.

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8. Best FSX addons - Sound Environment X

 Perfect Flight - Sound Environment X (Download)

 Perfect Flight - Sound Environment X (Download)

You will be now able to hear more realistic sounds inside and outside of your plane!

Sound Environment X adds more realistic engines and surrounding sounds to your flight simulation experience by changing and improving all default FSX and Acceleration pack sounds.

By default, sounds in Flight Simulator X come registered by Microsoft at 22,050 kHz using only one channel (MONO). Sound Environment X converts all sounds using two channels (STEREO) at 44,100 kHz. The result is a more accurate effect for every sound available in Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack.

Sound Environment improves all type of sounds like engines, precipitation, thunder airport ambiance, and winds. Many sounds have been totally reworked, especially engine sounds for planes used by the Artificial Intelligence to generate traffic in FS airports and skies. Ground vehicle, Turboprops, small, medium and large Jets have now new and improved effects. Also, all default FSX aircraft now have new and improved engine sounds.

Thunderstorms and precipitation will surprise you with spectacular effects that will have you turning your head left and right!

Sound Environment X improves more than 1750 sounds.

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9. Best FSX addons - Ultimate Airport Environment X

Zinertek - Ultimate Airport Environment X

 Zinertek - Ultimate Airport Environment X (Download)

Ultimate Airport Environment X is a comprehensive texture booster that features over 200 new textures that greatly enhance your entire Microsoft Flight Simulator X default airports throughout the world. Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran you will instantly appreciate how your airports take on a new and more modern look. You will see more realistic and detailed runways, taxiways, tarmac surfaces, airport buildings, hangars, terminals, warehouses, jetways, and much more!

Your default FSX airports will no longer look dull and boring. This package instantly modernizes all your small, medium and large airports throughout the world! Plus with detailed night lighting effects, your airports will come to life even at night.

Whether you have a low-end system or a high-end system, this product caters to your performance and quality needs. You can choose between 2 different texture quality options and select whichever set is best for your system.

This incredible package only updates your default airports and will not modify your favorite 3rd party airports. So you can rest assured that your add-on airports will not be affected.

Airport ground Enhancements:

  • Detailed ground textures.
  • Detailed taxiway markings.
  • New runways with seasonal effects.
  • Realistic asphalt taxiways.
  • Realistic concrete taxiways.
  • Realistic tarmac textures.
  • Detailed parking spaces.
  • New taxiway signs.
Airport building enhancements:
  • New airport buildings.
  • New terminals.
  • New hangars.
  • New jetways.
  • New airport warehouses.
  • New radar towers and VOR stations.
  • New control towers.
  • New beacon towers.
  • New airport parking garages.
  • New fuel stations.
  • Detailed night lighting for all buildings.
  • Frame rate friendly!


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10. Best FSX addons - Boeing 737-400/800 Pack

Friendly Panels - Boeing 737-400/800 Pack

 Friendly Panels - Boeing 737-400/800 Pack (Download)

Two 2D panels for B737-400 and B737-800

Main features:

  • Two 2D panels for B737-400 and b737-800
  • All gauges visible in an only screen (except for FMC, that requires a separate windows) keeping an excellent readabilty.
  • Aircraft Virtual Cockpits adapted as far as possible.
  • Antialiasing vectorial EADI/PFD which includes Autopilot annunciators, IAS trend indication, radio height and ground speed readout.
  • Vectorial EHSI/MFD with multiple screen modes. Displays indication of distance to reach altitude selected in autopilot.
  • GPWS and Traffic Info (FSX version only)
  • Lateral and vertical navigation implemented via FMC.
  • FMC that can manage flight plans created with Microsoft Flight Simulator FS9 or FSX, or any add-on which can export flight plans in the FS format. We have eliminated the complex way in what you have to plan your flight in current commercial FMCs implemented in some of the commercial airliners existing for Microsoft Flight Simulator but keeping the feeling of a real FMC-CDU


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